Thebe Mining Resources

Subsidiary of Thebe Services

Thebe Mining Resources invests in mining and mining-related businesses across Southern Africa.

Strategic objectives
The Thebe Mining Resources goals include:

  • Investing in greenfield and brownfield opportunities across our chosen commodity platforms, with a special focus on the coal sector;
  • Partnering with mining companies to achieve the objectives of the Mineral Resource & Petroleum Development Act and the Mining Charter;
  • Partnering with other groups in order to achieve critical mass;
  • Leveraging off the Thebe community of companies to add value to all our investment companies and partners;
  • Building communities around our mining areas.

Commodity platforms
We pursue investment opportunities according to four commodity platforms: Energy, Precious Metals, Base Metals, Ferrous (or Industrial).

Our long-term view is to have strong presence across all these platforms, however in the short-term we aim to focus on and build critical mass in the coal environment.

Investment approach
A typical mine lifecycle can be segmented generally into four stages along its development value curve: Exploration, Pre-Development, Development Capital Expenditure and Production. We have clustered our investment opportunities according to four elements within the value chain:

1.Mining Assets:

  • Greenfields: Investment opportunity targets that are not considered to be cash-generating assets (typically comprising a single asset in the Pre-Development phase of its mine lifecycle).
  • Brownfields : Investment opportunity targets that are considered to be cash-generating assets (typically comprising a single asset or more, where at least one asset is at the Production Stage of its mine lifecycle, e.g. outright acquisition, secondary and top-up empowerment transactions). The bulk of our investments will be directed towards these types of opportunities.

2. Mining Services
We aim to invest capital in companies that provide critical or core services to the mine, with the long-term view of establishing a black owned mining services company.

3. Mining supplies We also have a keen interest in investing in companies that supply mining consumables and equipment.

4. Logistics
Key to our strategy is to invest as well in companies that offer mining logistics services.

An experienced team
Thebe’s traditional entrepreneurial spirit and commercial approach to opportunities gleams within the Mining Resources team, which has over 25 years combined experience. Our blend of competencies and operational expertise is coupled with financing and investment experience in acquisition, corporate and project financing that spans various commodities in the mining sector.