By: Sen Mdhluli

The Thebe Esquire workshops have been travelling to various parts of our country. The masculinity programme was designed to be an interactive workshop with Thebe Esquire.

The principles of masculinity were explored and guests left with a firm understanding of the differences between behaviours that men and women display, the meaning of being a real man and the responsibilities thereof. While the subject is viewed as taboo and misconstrued as anti-women, it provided a new perspective of how men have surrendered their roles and responsibilities in society. The masculinity programme will continue in Mpumalanga, Cape Town and Johannesburg offices in the next months.

The Esquire Forum is structured to be a living forum. Supported by a committee from the various Thebe companies, the forum is driven to create a positive impact in society. The Esquire forum is now embarking on its second phase of its programme, Mentoring @ Work program. The Esquire Mentoring @ work, is a programme that is designed to connect mentors and mentees in the group to create an empowered workforce. The programme simply connects both parties through a platform where they can engage and work through the needs of the individual. It is anticipated that each mentorship should take an average of three months. There are no defined parameters as to what the mentorship subject should be, however, they should be those that impact the way we LIVE, WORK and PLAY.